Kayenta Middle School
Home of the Colts

Teachers & Staff

Our team of educators is completely committed to guiding our students toward success. Our teachers believe in a bright future for every student here at KMS, and they work tirelessly to help unlock that future. Please take a moment to become more acquainted with our talented faculty and staff, and be sure to contact them with your questions or concerns.

Administrative Staff

Jack Gilmore

Cecelia Bailey
Dean of Students

Deonna Dayzie

Anna Deal
Administrative Assistant

Cassandra Parrish
Student Support


Classroom Teachers

LaVerne Bradley
5th Grade

Rocha Gilmore
5th Grade

Thomasita Maloney
5th Grade

Shirley Paulson
5th Grade

Jolene Smith
5th Grade

Gwenda Williams
5th Grade Reading Specialist

Tonia Yazzie
5th Grade

Priscilla Black
6th Grade

William Gibson
6th Grade

Bernita Nelson
6th Grade

Jacob Nelson
6th Grade

Ramson Seweingyawma
6th Grade

Joycetta Yazzie
6th Grade

Krystal Tree
6th Grade Reading Specialist

Margaret Gibbins
7th Grade Math

Jean Holiday
7th Grade Reading

Phylliberty Peacock
7th Grade ELA

Joshua Placke
7th Grade Social Studies

Edwin Saganey
7th Grade Science

Marsha Whitehair
7th Grade ELA

Colin Cole
8th Grade Science

8th Grade ELA

Andrew Cutler
8th Grade Math

Amy Holiday
8th Grade ELA

8th Grade Social Studies

Patricia Wayne
8th Grade Reading

Elective Teachers

Michael Franklin

Brenda Walker

Helena Botone
ESS Teacher

Armanda Gamble
ESS Teacher

Terri Hall
ESS Teacher / SAT Chair

Charlotte Morris
ESS Teacher

Esther Peaches
Math RTI

Bartlett Brush

Carlotta Yazzie
Navajo Language/Culture

Alicia Billie
Physical Education

Todd Cashion
Physical Education

Brett Hale

Support Staff

Pamela Franklin

Genevieve Young

Anna Interpreter
Health Aide

KMS Kitchen
Food Services

Terrisita Gamble
Technical Assistant

Cheryl Joe
Technical Assistant

Mary Platero
Technical Assistant

Carmencita Yazzie
Lead Custodian

Nolan James

Justin Jensen

Vivian Prieto